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Cabinetco Inc. hereby warrants to the original purchaser, for residential applications, to be free from defects in materials and workmanship under normal residential usage, we provide Manufacture limited lifetime warranty for our products. This warranty is non-transferable and does not apply to discontinued items.

This Warranty does not include labor for removal or replacement, and it does not extend to defects caused by improper handling, storage, installation, assembly or disassembly, intentional damage, product modifications, exposure to the elements including humidity which may result in warping or splitting, accidental misuse, abuse or negligence.

Wood Finished Characteristics

Natural woods may vary in texture, color and wood grain, and exhibit subtle changes as they age. For example, wood joints may eventually have visible cracking around the joint area and cabinet colors may darken or lighten over time. Sunlight, smoke, moisture, household cleaners and other environmental conditions may cause materials to vary from their original color and/or warp, split or crack. These variations are considered to be the nature of the material in relation to their environmental exposure and are not covered under this warranty.

Open Joints

Seasonable changes in temperature and humidity naturally causes wood to expand and contract. This could cause joint separation. Cabinetco Inc. warrants against excessive joint separation after the cabinetry has been stored or installed for 1 year allowing for a seasonal temperature and humidity cycle. The cabinetry must be stored or installed in a climate-controlled environment with a constant humidity level of 45% to 60%.

Hairline Cracks

Hairline cracks are unavoidable in wood cabinets, top-of-the-line or not. They occur wherever there's a joint between pieces of wood with grain running in different directions: for example, the joints between stiles and rails on the doors or the face frames that surround openings. The pieces expand and contract at different rates with changes in humidity, since wood movement is much more pronounced across the grain than with it. Painted finishes, no matter how good or how carefully applied, and just can't keep up. Every species and grade of solid wood behaves this way, although cracks are more noticeable on light-colored cabinets than on dark ones. Hairline cracks does not apply to this warranty.

Drawer Slides and Hinges

All hinges and drawer slides are covered with a limited lifetime warranty. If the hinge or drawer slides fail to operate satisfactory under normal use, they may be returned for replacement in 1 year from the date of purchase. Buyer is responsible for the replacement shipping costs.

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