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Where can you ship my cabinets?

We can ship your cabinets anywhere in U.S, please contact us for more detail.

What is the lead time for my cabinets?

The cabinets will leave our warehouse within 2-3 business days. Once the shipment leaves our warehouse it may take anywhere from 3 to 10 days for you to receive your cabinets, depending on your location.

How will I know when my cabinets are shipped?

Once the order is shipped, we will send confirmation email with pallet pictures and tracking info., you can track the shipment by contacting the freight company directly, or they will contact you when the shipment arrived at your local terminal to schedule delivery.

What are my shipping costs?

Shipping cost may vary from different carriers, however, due to the large quantity we shipped every day, we will ensure to get the lowest rate possible for you. 

How do I know the actual delivery date?

The shipping company will contact you a day before to schedule the day and time, please ensure you provide us correct contact name and number to avoid any delays.

How are the cabinets shipped?

Cabinets will be packed on pallet(s) and delivered to your door via a common carrier. We might use regular size pallet (40”x48”) or a long pallet(40”x96”) depending on the cabinet size. The driver is not responsible to help you move the pallet or merchandise inside your garage or home, so at the point you will need to ensure there are enough people to help you bring the merchandise inside.

However, if it is a small enough order we will ship with UPS Ground service.

How are the cabinets packaged?

Each cabinet comes individually package. However, some of the cabinet lines may come with 2 boxes (cabinet face/cabinet box), please check the Specifications in product page for more detail.

Freight Damaged/Missing items

Please count and examine any visible damages at the time of delivery. Follow the our Policy and provide required information to file a claim.

What are Ready-to-Assemble (RTA) cabinets?

RTA Cabinets are an affordable solution for many customers to have their dream kitchens. These cabinets have parts already cut to size, holes drilled where they needed, and shipped in large flat boxes with all you need to assemble and install, except the tools of course.

How hard is it to assemble the RTA cabinets?

We provide clear assembly instruction to our customer and all cabinets are easy to assemble. The first few cabinets may take little longer, but once you get familiar, the rest of your kitchen cabinets will be up in no time.

What if I found damages after I opened the box?

You have up to 14 days of receipt to claim any concealed damages. Please follow our Policy to provide required information to file a claim.

How do I get the measurement?

Anyone can measure their kitchen or bath without any experience, we basically just need the wall to wall dimensions, ceiling heights, window dimension and location. Attached with few existing pictures will helps a lot. Please follow the Measurement guide for more detail or contact us directly for help.

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