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White Glossy

  • MDF door with Lacquer finished
  • Frameless European style with full overlay
  • Cabinet box made with 3/4" premium plywood
  • Soft Closing hinge and Tandem drawer box
  • Interior and Exterior comes with natural wood finished
  • Required finished panel for all expose sides

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Set Descending Direction
  1. Single Door Base

    Single Door Base
  2. 24"D Fridge Cabinet

    24"D Fridge Cabinet
  3. Wall Lift Up Cabinet

    Wall Lift Up Cabinet
  4. Wall Square Corner

    Wall Square Corner
  5. Pantry Upper - Single Door

    Pantry Upper - Single Door
  6. Pantry Upper - Double Door

    Pantry Upper - Double Door
  7. Sink Base

    Sink Base
  8. Vanity Drawer

    Vanity Drawer
  9. Tall Fillers

    Tall Fillers
  10. Base / Wall Fillers

    Base / Wall Fillers
  11. Thick Finished Panels

    Thick Finished Panels
  12. Fridge Panel

    Fridge Panel
  13. Toe Kick

    Toe Kick
  14. Roll Out Tray

    Roll Out Tray
  15. 36"H Short Cabinet

    36"H Short Cabinet
  16. 30"H Short Cabinet

    30"H Short Cabinet
  17. Double Door Base

    Double Door Base
  18. Sink Base

    Sink Base
  19. 2 Drawer Base

    2 Drawer Base
  20. Base Blind Corner

    Base Blind Corner
  21. Lazy Susan

    Lazy Susan
  22. Spice Rack

    Spice Rack
  23. Base Trash Can

    Base Trash Can
  24. Oven Base

    Oven Base
  25. 30"H Single Door

    30"H Single Door
  26. 30"H Double Door

    30"H Double Door
  27. 36"H Single Door

    36"H Single Door
  28. 36"H Double Door

    36"H Double Door
  29. Glass Doors

    Glass Doors