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Cabinet Construction

All plywood construction

Cabinet boxes are typically built of plywood or particleboard.

  • The strongest cabinets have full plywood sides and backs to handle the weight of heavy countertops, resist damage from moisture, and maintain shape during delivery and installation.
  • Particleboard is a less expensive light weight alternative. However, it has low durability, cannot support heavy weight, and is prone to damage from moisture and crushing. Cabinets made from particleboard is also difficult to repair or relocate any screws or joints.

Soft-Closing Door Hinges

Cabinet hinges are one of the most important components of a kitchen cabinet. Poor hinges can lead to problems such as loose and uneven cabinet doors.

  • A quality soft-closing hinge should be durable and adjustable when cabinet doors expand and contract during seasonal changes.
  • A traditional hinge does not come with soft-close and is not as durable. These types of hinges normally need to be replaced more frequently than soft-closing hinges.

Under-Mounted Soft-Closing Drawer Sliders

Good quality sliders will not only provide smooth and silent movement, but will also improve the drawer's weight capacity and durablility for years of hard use.

  • Under-Mounted Soft-Closing Sliders should extend to provide full access to the entire drawer. The glides should be able to support up to 55 lbs (varies by drawer size). The soft-closing adapter underneath the drawer works smoothly and provides secure access to the drawer.
  • Other Non-Soft-Closing Sliders will not provide full access to the entire drawer, and makes it difficult to reach to the back of the drawer. Most of these sliders will not provide soft-closing function, especially side-mounted sliders.

Dovetail Drawer Box

The construction of the drawer box might not seem to be significant. However, drawer box material and joint construction is one of the more important considerations because they directly affect the drawer's durability and security.

  • Drawer box with dovetail joints is the standard in American cabinetry primarily due of their long-lasting durability. The side meet at dovetail joints, where the strength of the joint comes from the wood itself. A high-quality dovetail drawer should come in 5/8” thick or higher.
  • Other constructions drawer box might come with staples assembly. Less quality drawer boxes use butt or rabbet joints secured the staples to hold the sides together. These types of drawers are typically not able to hold the weight capacity of the drawer and are easy to fall apart.